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Thursday, September 8, 2011

September, September...

It's here... and I'm psyched! We lucked out here during Irene, lost power for seemingly endless days, but there was barely a branch down on our property. Reports are there were trees down on every road in town however...

While I am working on new items for the online shops, I am super excited about a new store to carry my work--Ziabird! I'm gathering a nice batch of goodies to send to this gorgeous boutique in North Carolina and hope to have my work for sale there by the end of September. Hurray! I'll post pics of any new work that I send their way.

Meanwhile, my garden is looking a bit sad at this point. The hurricane really beat down a number of ornamental grasses and my sedum (gasp!). The sedum are about to bloom their gorgeous pink and a few of the dozen plants never really got a chance. Here are pictures I took the last week of August.

This is a shot of the dozen or so sedum I planted nearly 10 years ago.

 Most of the buds were still green and closed a few weeks ago, but a few were starting to pink up.

And this is a glimpse through one of the grasses.

And now a few new pieces in the shop...
Ruby Flower with Keshi Cascades

Flowering Turquoise Vines

Gemstone Clusters on Silver Vine Earwires

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