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Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Recently Dropped into the Shop...

After yet another request to recreate my golden berries earrings in sterling, I decided to do what I should have long ago and added them as an item to my shop--in the original 1 1/2 inch diameter and the more demure 1 inch diameter version.

Something new for me--I am beginning (slowly but surely) with just a small amount of cursing and and frustration, to add bezel set stones to my work. For some time I've dreamt of perching my wire wrapped flowers atop vines and leaves formed from sterling and flame and this is the first I'll be offering for sale.

Next is a long, narrow stick all wrapped and encrusted with gemstone flowers and petals. Rich shades of blue, aqua and green make these sing!

And now we arrive at my favorite--just look at those labs! Beautiful smooth, polished petals of labradorite wrapped in my signature style flower and fastened securely to my random coiled band. I love it!!!