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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fuss Creations for the New Year, Client Inspirations and a Slow Cooked Meal...

I'm making a concerted effort to round out the Fuss Collections and get my creations into more stores and boutiques this year. One addition to my collections came from one of you! A client recently ordered my "This cloud not only has a silver lining" necklace with the smaller silver berries hoops and asked about a gold fill version. I've offered the golden berries hoops for some time, but just added a "Golden Cloud" necklace today.

Another client had previously ordered my simple pearl flower drop earrings in gold fill (I am currently out and waiting to restock the pearls when I travel to Tucson Feb 3-5). She requested one of my favorite flower necklaces with clusters of pearls to either side rather than gray moonstone--I think the result is perfectly lovely! She is wearing it to her wedding which is always especially meaningful to me! She is going to send pictures this summer and maybe I'll ger her permission to post them here.

After remaking some pieces for one of my local boutiques, I couldn't resist photographing the jewels in a grouping.

I think these photos will work well in promotional mailings that I'll send out this year.

And I'll close with a tasty eyeful. I snagged a Williams Sonoma Slow Cooking book from my parent's house a few months back and have started trying out some of the recipes. With the kids' varied sports schedules, it is fairly rare that we are all home at the same time for dinner. So a meal that can simmer and stay warm for anyone to grab when they are able is ideal. My first dish attempt was Chicken Korma--delish! It is recommended to be served with rice, but I put out some couscous. And I myself, ate it alone like a soup or stew---amazing! I plan to add more onions and maybe diced bell peppers next time to add more veggies.

This is a shot during the first phase, combining the spices and onions and getting them all nicely aromatic in a saucepan before adding to the crock pot with chicken broth, tomato sauce and chicken. The last step was my favorite--during the last 15 minutes of cooking you add a slurry of buttermilk and crushed pecans to thicken.

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