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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Sunday in July

Our eternally rainy spring and early summer has finally given way to some sunny, warm weather. This shot down the front pathway--once dotted with puff balls of allium has now given way to thick stands of purple coneflower. I have a gazillion coneflower in my gardens as they self-seed incredibly readily and have now started to control the population by scattern Preen granules. I could cut them down before they go to seed, but the birds really seem to feed on the seed heads so I like to leave them up a while.

Ashley spends her time by the pool "fishing" for bugs, leaves and anything else floating by. She stands on the first one or two steps and darts around at the slightest ripple.

Posted a few new goodies in my etsy shop this morning. I was finally productive over the weekend. I've been feeling a bit stalled and maybe now the spell has been broken.


Hola!Design said...

I love your dog!! and your garden! so beautiful.

RosyRevolver said...

i think your home must be as lovely as your work!!