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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

...After Long Last--I come back for a post!

I've been neglecting this blog since its inception, but lately the ideas have been swirling and I may just give it a more vigorous go.

A bit of news...

My first thanks goes out to Southern Weddings Bridal Magazine for hosting an inspiration board contest with my Prehnite Garland Necklace as the prize. This is a piece I've created in VERY limited edition (one left!).

Their readers submitted some gorgeous inspiration boards here. It's a gorgeous site in general, covering some elaborate, beautifully creative weddings.

The winner was Anne Sage of The City Sage--she's a recent bride herself and delightful blogger who loves to write and find pretty objects--check out her winning board--Chocolate Blackberry--delish! I've really enjoyed my brief exchanges with her and I'm thrilled this piece went out to such a delightful person--thanks, Anne! And thanks to all the lovely inspiration board contributors and Southern Weddings Magazine!


elleabelle said...

Those inspiration boards were stunning! I had a few favorites myself!! Congrats on such great exposure!!!

A Blond And A Torch said...

I have been neglecting my blog too :/

Your jewelry is just so beautiful, it blows me away!